Bearded Brutes

Bearded Brutes and Lime

We wish we could take even an ounce of credit for this, but unfortunately we cannot! It was all the brain child of Bearded Brutes creator, Mark Leeming.

We have worked with Mark for a long time on various different projects, Mark is a talented, clearly creative, photographer that has used us to provide print services wherever he has been.

When mark first showed us his Bearded Brutes brand and initial few photographs, we knew he was onto something brilliant and where excited to support him in his latest venture.

His brand has taken off and created a lot of hype in various media outlets. Including here at the Huffington Post and here on Rich Mix a simple google search will bring up plenty more hits of various sites and places that simply love Mark's Bearded Brutes.

To find out more about Mark and His Bearded Brutes, visit his website.


Bearded Brutes